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Digital Transformation

GSO believes in Digital Transformation for Small Business i.e. "Getting Small Business Online". We believe in Odoo as the software to deliver this transformation. GSO will ensure the implementation of Odoo in your business is successful.

Modular Implementation

Odoo Apps can be implemented on a modular basis. Start with what you need and pay for what you need

Our implementation approach (for all project scopes) is a 4 step process

  1. Business Need Analysis and Demo

  2. Design and Data Gathering 

  3. Implement Train and Go Live

  4. Support

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Odoo has an app for every need

Example of a small business implementing the Odoo Website and ECommerce Apps.

Odoo licence costs for a phase 1 implementation a Website and Ecommerce website is Free. This includes the cost of hosting (see note below) the software in the Cloud.

You will only pay for the implementation costs of an Odoo Consultant, or you can self implement the software at no cost( see note below). A GSO assisted implementation will take approximately 3 weeks to complete and the GSO estimated implementation cost will be in the region of €1,000 (see note below). GSO bills implementations on a time and material basis. 

The implementation will include GSO performing a Business Needs Analysis and performing a Demo of Odoo to illustrate how Odoo will meet the needs of the Business. GSO will configure Odoo to your requirements. GSO will import existing data such as products and customers. GSO will train you on Odoo, and will support the post "Go Live" phase. As noted above the hosting of the software on the cloud is included in the Odoo Licence Fee.

The total cost of implementing Odoo Website and ECommerce Apps will be in the region of €1,000. there is no obligation to implement other Odoo Apps and the Odoo Licence for Website and Ecommerce is free for life.  Once you have implemented and started using Odoo, you will probably want to continue adding Apps as the business grows.

Note on Hosting; more and more companies are choosing to host their business application on an Odoo online cloud platform, it is too costly for the companies to host their business application on local hardware. This approach requires not only a lot of capital to buy hardware and software licenses, but also creates a lot of responsibilities and risk in backing up data and ensuring stability of the business application. Hosting is provided by Odoo as part of their licence fees.

Note on Cost; The estimate of €1,000 is based on implementing standard out of the box Odoo functionality for the Website/Ecommerce Apps and absorbing 20 hours of GSO time. The implementation will be subject to a Letter of Engagement, The client can purchase GSO Service packs of 5, 10 or 20 hours depending on their needs which can reduce the cost.

Self Implementation: Clients can self implement at no cost. GSO offers training courses to help self implementation - in effect you are spreading the GSO cost across course attendees. A training course in Website/ECommerce cost €300


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